Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Digital Image~DoodlePalace~Mice n Cheese Handmade Card

This is another new Digital Stamp Image from DoodlePalace that will be released in the future. It is called Mice n Cheese. You can go visit DoodlePalace here. Please keep checking their site daily for the new releases.. I used copic markers on the image of the Mice n Cheese, and then glazed the holes of the cheese. This is really a cute image! I can't wait and see what new creations will be created with it.

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Mother's Day. It was very nice here today and I spent today with my Mother, StepDad, Sister, and Family. We all had a FABULOUS time together. We all went and ate out. The food was so delicous. My Mother has the starting of Alzehimer's and was diagnoses about two weeks ago. She's on medication now and we'll hoping this slow it down. I really don't know how to deal with this disease, but taking each day at a time! Wishing everyone a pleasant evening and hope you all had a fabulous day too. Have a wonderful day on Monday. Hugs going your way!


NoraAnne said...

Mother's day hugs to you and my thoughts are with you...hang in there.

Margaret said...

Sweet Card Allie! Take each day at a time with your mom. Thinking of you!

juniejo said...

Allie this is just the CUTEST card !!! I am so so sorry to hear about your MUM !!! you are all in my prayers !!! A DAY AT A TIME my friend !!! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. HUGS