Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Storm Warning in our Area

It sure is bad out in our neck of the woods. We are at a level 2 Emergency tonight. Tomorrow is going to be even worse. If we get a Level 3 Emergency. I will be staying home tomorrow from work. Maybe I can scrap, unless our electricity goes off. Right now we're having freezing ice coming down. Tomorrow morning it's to snow between 5-9 inches on top of the ice, and snow that we already have. I don't mind driving in snow, but don't like the ice!!!

I'm having a problem with taking photos of my items/cards. The color is not showing up very bright. So I ordered a photo studio kit to see if that helps. I changed some settings on my camera, and I thought maybe it helped some, but still not coming out the way I want them. I see other items on blogs and they are really bright in color. If anyone has any ideas please advise, or tell me if they have a photo studio and it helps. Have a great evening and keep safe.


NoraAnne said...

Allie, I made my own lightbox and although my pictures aren't great, they improved a lot with the lightbox.
Where are you with all of that snow/ice? I would love a snow day tomorrow :)

juniejo said...

Allie you and your family stay safe and warm !!!!!!!! I have the same trouble with my photos too

catt871 said...

I hope you are all warm and safe!!!! I hate the ice too!!! I tagged you on my blog, it is a fun one!!!!

Victoria said...

Ooo- I don't like the sound of freezing ice. And that is an awful lot of snow predicted! Keep safe and warm! Hopefully it won't get to an emergency 3, but hopefully you will still get a snow day home from work.